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Veduta Sorrento
Land of colors, mysteries, legends and traditions, Sorrento, always enchanting, surprising and leads you to return. About its origins is given a legend of the historian Diodorus Siculus, who attributed the foundation of the city in Lipari, the son of Ausone, and grandson of Ulysses and the sorceress Circe. The foundation of Sorrento would be attributable to an Italic population, that of Ausoni, which constituted one of the oldest ethnic groups.

Veduta Amalfi
A beautiful town in the province of Salerno, gives its name to the peninsula on which it stands, the Amalfi Coast. This beautiful coastline, just for its beauty and for all that has to offer, was declared in 1997 dall'Uneso, a World Heritage Site. The city faces the sea with its wonderful mix of homes aggarpate the rock, with narrow streets, arches, towers, ancient, beautiful views and meraigliose cliffs overlooking the sea. 


PaestumThis ancient city of Paestum Campania situated in the Tyrrhenian litorle, south of Salerno was one of the main centers of Magna Grecia.

The oldest traces of human settlement on the site date back to the Paleolithic, are the most significant evidence on the Bronze Age (see culture Gaudo). Around 600 BC, Greek colonists from Sibari founded a city, which gave it the name of Posidonia, and built the shrine was very little to the north, near the mouth of the river Sele. At the end of the fifth century a.C. Paestum was conquered by lucani, under which experienced a period of prosperity and reached the maximum territorial expansion, in 273 BC the Romans established their own colony, changing the name of the city with the current one. During the imperial Paestum began a long and gradual decline, until final abandonment in the eighth century, because dell'impaludamento zone.The town, known the full extent, was only partially excavated by the archaeological excavations. Bounded by walls (V-III century BC), exhibits along the cardo of Roman buildings: a north lies the temple of Athena (once believed the Temple of Ceres) 500 ca. a.C. At the center is extending the public area, two distinct eras: the Greek city sull'agorà overlooked the Ecclesiasterion (building for the meetings of) the fifth century BC and an important building in the shape of a chapel (perhaps a place of worship or tomb of the founding of the city). The Roman city, however, had here his hole, with the meeting (for the meetings of) the temple of the Capitoline Triad (Capitolium), the basilica, behind the hole, towered the amphitheater (I century BC) and a Hellenistic gymnasium with a large swimming pool.


Reggia di Caserta

La Reggia di Caserta, Palazzo Reale di Caserta, is a historical royal family belonged to the dynasty of the Bourbons of Naples, proclamataPatrimonio of 'humanity by UNESCO.

Located in the town of Caserta, is surrounded by a vast park in which he identified two areas: the Italian garden and the garden.


Scavi Pompei

slies on a plateau of volcanic formation, on the southern slope of Vesuvius, about 30 meters above sea level and a short distance from the mouth of the river Sarno, in a suggestive position, settled in Roman times by Seneca. The lack of springs or rivers sull'altopiano prevented its population in times more remote, even though during the 'VIII secolo a. C. in the nearby Sarno Valley had trained some settlements, as evidenced by numerous tombs ditch. The people who founded Oscan Pompeii was certainly, but it is doubtful if the name of the city derives from the greek or OSCE

Veduta CassinoCASSINO

rooted in history, which dropped slightly with Hannibal at the time of the Second Punic War, which affected the culture of Italy with Cassinese I place and the whole world with S. Benedict and the Benedictine rule. A story that has become too hard during the Second World War, bringing the total destruction of the city and dell'Abbazia of Montecassino.

Veduta Ravello


Ancient medieval city, known worldwide for its history, its fine monuments, to the magic of its landscapes and its patrician residences. Land of enchantment, as we described the most famous travelers of every age that chose to "spiritual homeland". Only by visiting Ravello is live intense moments of magical wonder!



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